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In Moscow six young people found guilty of a number of especially serious nationality hatred motivated offences

30 october 2012 13:00

Court has recognized the evidence collected by the Moscow Central Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee sufficient to convict Yemelyan Nikolayev, born in 1991, Alexander Kichutkin, born in 1993, Vladimir Belyakov, born in 1994, Alexey Kiselyov, born in 1994, Vladimir Stepanov, born in 1995 and Dmitry Sudakov, born in 1989. Depending on the role of each one, they were found guilty of crimes under part 2 of article 105 (murder committed with especial cruelty on the motive of national hatred), part 3 of article 30, part 2 of article 105 (attempted murder), part 2 of article 213 (hooliganism), part 2 of article 161 of the RF Criminal Code (robbery committed by a group of persons).

Investigation and the court have found that in 2009, Nikolayev, Sudakov, Belyakov and Kichutkin whose idea about their superiority as true, in their opinion, representatives of Russian nationality, bearer of its intellectual values, over other nationalities was formed under the influence of nationalistic ideas about exceptionality of persons of Russian nationality (the Slavs) promoted by informal nationalist communities, entered a criminal conspiracy with the aim to attack in Moscow any person of no-Russian nationality and kill them. Thus, on 1 October 2009, the young people armed with knives, met near the subway station Belyaevo in Vvedensky Street where they saw a 19-year-old Armenian national. Feeling national hatred towards the young man and wishing to kill him, the young people beat and kicked him in different parts of his body, and then stabbed him with their knives no less than 11 times. The young man died on the spot of the wounds. The victim was robbed. In March 2010, the same crime was committed against an Asian national in a train between the railway stations Veshnyaki and Plyushchevo in Moscow. One of the group members sprayed mace to his face, after which he was beaten up and stabbed. In this case the victim managed to escape. After that in April 2010, near subway station Konkovo in Moscow, Nikolayev, Stepan Kuzmin, Stepanov, Belyakov and Kiselyov attacked an Arabian man. They beat him up and stabbed 27 times. The victim managed to escape from the attackers and call for help. He survived thanks to timely medical aid.

During the investigation of a number of ruthless attacks, committed by members of the group, it was established that most of them had nicknames: Nikolayev was known as “Yan Lyutik”, Sudakov – “Sudak”, Kichutkin - “Aktsioner” (shareholder), Belyakov – “Scout” and others. All the crimes were committed on the motives of national hatred. This way, Sudakov having learnt that his girlfriend had been fatally ran over by a driver with Caucasian appearance, began to express aggression to persons of non-Slav appearance.

The seventh accused Stepan Kuzmin was acquitted based on the judgment of the jury.

The court sentenced the Nikolayev to 19 years, considering his previous police records and a fine of 5 thousand rubles, Kichutkin, Belyakov and Stepanov to 10 years in prison each, Kiselyov and Sudakov - to 8 and 14 years in prison respectively. All the convicts will serve their terms in maximum security prison camps.

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