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Chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee holds operational meeting to hear progress and preliminary results of investigation into bus explosion in Volgograd

22 october 2013 16:32

Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has held an operational meeting in the city of Volgograd to hear the progress and preliminary results of the investigation into a terrorist attack committed on 21 October 2013. The meeting was attended by personnel of the Russia’s investigative Committee, senior officials of Investigations Directorate in Volgograd Region, regional offices of the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service and members of the investigating group.

Following the meeting Mr. Bastrykin gave specific orders concerning investigation, identification and activation of hunt for the people involved in the crime.

By the present moment the investigators have questioned over 50 eyewitnesses. It has been found that Asiyalova arrived in Volgograd from Makhachkala by a coach, travelling to Moscow. By yet unknown reason she got off the coach near the Volgograd Academy of the Interior Ministry approximately an hour before the terrorist attack.

During the investigation a number of forensic expert examinations have been fixed and are being run, namely forensic medical and bomb technical ones. According to preliminary conclusion by the specialists the power of the blast was about 500-600 grams of TNT and the device set off by Asiyalova was stuffed with dowels.

Today the investigators have started additional examination of the scene to find other circumstances of the explosion and elements of the explosive. The investigators of Main Investigations Directorate and criminologists of the Main Forensic Office of the Russia’s Investigative Committee have joined the investigating group.

The investigators have found preliminary information on the killed. The definitive conclusions will be made after the bodies are identified by their relatives. The preliminary list of the killed in the terrorist attack is as follows:

1. Yulia Andreyevna Prikhodchenko, bron on 5 March 1991,

2. Maria Ivanovna Popadinets, born on 17 October 1995,

3. Yelena Anatolyevna Mikhaylova, born on 23 June 1984,

4. Viktoria Sergeyevna Koneva, born in 1993,

5. Kirill Igorevich Litvinenko, born on 7 April 1995,

6. Maxim L., born on 11 November 1996, underage.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                    V.I. Markin

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