Probe over train accident and fire in Kirov finished

The Volga Area Transport Office of the Investigative Committee has finished criminal proceedings three workers of the Kirov section of OAO Russian Railways charged with violation of safety rules for the traffic and operation of railway transport by a person who by virtue of their position must observe those rules if their actions entailed considerable damage by negligence under Part 1 of Article 263 of the RF Penal Code.

Investigators have revealed that at 4:30 AM, 5 February 2014, a rail got broken on the right trackway at Pozdino station of Gorkovskaya railway while one of freight train cars was passing on it. This led to derailment of 34 rail tank cars and ignition of combustible substances and materials in them, damage of buildings, structures and property of citizens and legal entities located nearby, including garages, vegetable storehouses near Krasnoarmeiskaya Street in Novovyatsky District in the town of Kirov.

Nobody was hurt or injured. But 131 people suffered a damage of more than 225 million rubles.

The derailment happened because of lack of proper control over the condition of the tracks by the accused workers.

To prevent similar accidents, a number of requests for elimination of conditions that had contributed to the crime and for tighter control over their subordinates were submitted to the leadership of the railway organization.

The investigation was a hard one as the immediate cause of the derailment was found only a year later due to enormous damages at the scene. The investigators gathered and analyzed bits and pieces information, carried out a lot of investigative operations in several regions of Russia, ran prolonged and complex forensic inquiries, interrogated more than 350 people. The case of 64 files has been referred to court.