Alexander Bastrykin holds events during working trip to St. Petersburg

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee has arrived today in Saint Petersburg on a working trip and visited Piskatyovskoye memorial cemetery to commemorate defenders of Leningrad under siege.

In the honor of the 73rd anniversary of raising the siege, Mr. Bastryking laid flowers to the monument Motherland to pay tributes to the defenders and residents of the Great Hero City. He noted exceptional courage and the feat of the people not broken by fascism and dying so that their descendants could live on and their country had future. Decades later, heritage of patriotic spirit and selfless deeds of those people is still a moral guideline for inmates of Investigative Committee’s educational institutions and its staff, who cherish and respect the succession of generation.

Speaking earlier about this sorrowful and yet memorable date on his page on a social networking website, Mr. Bastrykin said: “We admire courage and valor of Leningraders, who had to go through immense hardships. We admire fortitude and heroism of the citizens, soldiers of the Leningrad front line, sailors of the Baltic fleet who did not give up to starvation, shelling or relentless grieve over death of their loved ones. Faith in victory, good and justice, infinite love to their home land helped them cope with most horrible hardships, fight ruthless enemy for the sake of happy future of our country. The time has huge power, but it is weaker than human memory. On this day, we primrose to do everything to prevent one of the most devastating events in the history of Russia from ever repeating, to keep the memory of defenders of the undefeated, unbroken Leningrad. They died so that we, their descendants could live.”  Mr. Bastrykin and employees of the Investigative Committee congratulate all veterans – residents of Leningrad under siege and all residents of Saint Petersburg on the 73rd anniversary of the raising of the siege and wish them sound health, wellbeing and peace.

After laying the flowers, Mr. Bastrykin held a working meeting at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee with heads of divisions to thank the staff for attending the events and to discuss pressing issues.

The meeting summarized the performance of Investigative Committee's universities in 2016, including the Saint Petersburg Academy opened in September 2016 and determine areas of development in 2017.

Considering avid interest shown to Investigative Committee’s educational institutions, it was decided to create a new cadet corps of the Investigative Committee in Saint Petersburg which is planned to be opened in September 2017.

Mr. Bastrykin said that “special pride is the fact that curriculums of Investigative Committee’s educational institutions give young Russian citizens not only profound and versatile knowledge, but builds high moral ideal, cultivate fundamental human values and sincere love to their homeland.”

The Chairman also made some offers and recommendations, as well as set tasks for further development of the Academy.

Acting Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                S.L. Petrenko