Alexander Bastrykin congratulates Alexander Sukharev, member of Civic Council under Investigative Committee on presentation of third edition of book When Truth Calls

On 31 January 2017, at the Russian New University, Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin attended presentation of the third edition of memoirs “When the Truth Calls” written by USSR Prosecutor General, veteran of the Great Patriotic War, member of the Investigative Committee’s Civic Council, president of interregional NGO “Outstanding Military and Naval Commanders of the Fatherland”, state advisor of justice Alexander Sukharev.

The following were also in attendance to congratulate Mr. Sukharev on the new edition of his book: chancellor of the Russian New University Vladimir Zernov, Deputy Minister of Justice Aly Alkhanov, acting chancellor of the Investigative Committee Academy Anatoly Bagmet, head of studies and education of the Investigative Committee, Hero of the Russian Federation Sergei Petrov, head of the Investigative Committee’s Moscow Directorate Alexander Drymanov, member of the Federation Council of the RF Federal Assembly Frants Klintsevich, chairman of the National Association of investigative veterans’ NGOs “Union of Investigative Veterans” Vladimir Dontsov, member of the presidium of “Union of Investigative Veterans” Yuri Lekanov, RSFSR Minister for Trade, veteran of the Great Patriotic War Vsevolod Shinasky, chairman of the Interior Ministry’s Veterans Council Ivan Shilov, management of Patriot publishing house, cadets of the Alexander Nevsky Cadet School of the Investigative Committee, students of the Moscow Academy of the Investigative Committee and other guests.

The introduction to the new edition of the book was written by Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin. He stressed that “the book was written by a man not used to give up or surrender to hardships, it is an honest and candid account of life and professional development, service in justice and prosecutor’s office, investigation of high-profile cases. Mr. Sukharev recalls facts and events he witnessed, shares his thoughts, describes his meetings with Russian and foreign distinguished politicians and statesmen with subtle humor.”

Speaking to the guests, Mr. Bastrykin said that Mr. Sukharev still makes considerable contribution to improve legality, provision of rights and freedoms of citizens, shares his invaluable experience with young specialists, including those in the Investigative Committee. Zealous admirer of Russian history and culture, he has been heading the interregional NGO Outstanding Military and Naval Commanders for 20 years so that the younger generation can see documents proving our heroic past and to tell them the truth about the war. The Chairman also expressed special gratitude to Mr. Sukharev for his personal contribution in education of cadets, students of the Investigative Committee’s Moscow Academy, young investigators who often need help of more experienced colleagues. Being a member of the Investigative Committee’s Civic Council, Mr. Sukharev takes part in patriotic, solemn and educational events held by the Investigative Committee.  

Those in attendance congratulated Mr. Sukharev on the publication of the third edition of his book and wished him success and long life.

Acting Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                  S.L. Petrenko