In Orenburg, following orders of Investigative Committee Chairman awards given to parents of killed hero of Russia Alexander Prokhorenko and residents of region who assisted to find kidnapped girl

On 7 February 2017, the hall of the Orenburg Region Government became a venue for a ceremony awarding residents of the region who displayed best human and professional qualities. The ceremony was ordered by Alexander Bastrykin and attended by governor of Orenburg Region Yuri Berg.

Orenburg Region has always been rich in heroes and even at this hard and intense time people remain faithful to their duty and patriotism, keep their valor and high moral qualities. The Heroes of Russia who have brought fame to Orenburg Region include Andrei Zelenko and Rais Mustafin, as well as Alexander Prohorenko, who was killed in Syria on 17 March 2016.

Senior assistant to the Chairman of the Investigative Committee Igor Komissarov in presence of Heroes of Russia Zelenko and Mustafin awarded Alexander Prokhorenko’s parents Alexander and Natlya medal “For Courage and Valor”.

In addition, selfless actions of local residents, volunteers and Orenburg Region police who showed professionalism in solving the kidnapping of a girl were highly appreciated by the Investigative Committee. For assistance provided to the Investigative Committee, Mr. Komissarov gave valuable presents and letters of commendations to three volunteers: Bulat Bairov, Nikita Lapshin and Ildar Salimov, correspondent of VGTRK Orenburg Yelena Belova and a 12-year-old saved girl for her courage. Badges and medals were also awarded to employees of the regional investigative authority and police department. The volunteers put up a united front to find the girl in Orenburg Region and helped to prevent possibly a graver crime. A search promptly mounted by the Investigative Committee and the police and participation of volunteers allowed finding the girl and arresting the kidnapper in the shortest possible time. This incident is a visual proof that there are more and more people who care about another’s troubles.

Following the ceremony Mr. Bastrykin wrote on his page in VKontakte social media that such coherent work was a striking example of how people can unite their efforts for a good cause, for the good to triumph. “I sincerely thank each one who didn’t stay aside the trouble, who looked for the kidnapper, handed over his photo and the information on his car, description of the girl, who was worried and prayed for the girl to be safe. It was help that saved the girl and prevented a graver crime. By your deed you have showed to the whole country how important it is to be together and to help each other!” Mr. Bastrykin wrote.

On 17 January 2017, the investigative authorities received a report that about 2:45 PM, an unidentified man tried to force two children into his white Lada Granta car. They fought him back attracting attention by screaming for help and the man took off. Sometime later the police learnt that about 3 PM, an unidentified man put a girl in the trunk of his white car by force and took off. The regional investigative authority established an operations center which included investigators, workers of the regional police department and Emergency Ministry’s directorate. Soon more than 160 members of different volunteer movements joined the search, including OrenSpas SAR team and a lot of local residents. The BOLO on the kidnapper and on his car was broadcast by the regional TV channels and other mass media. Using footage from surveillance cameras the investigators managed to identify the kidnapper’s car, its model, distinctive marks and several numbers on its plate. However, no such plate was registered. All similar cars were checked in the database until one matched the description. That day the car was used by Yuri Tiunov from Perm Territory.

About 9 PM, local residents Bulat Bairov, Ildar Salimov and Nikita Lapshin involved in the search found a car on a country road near the city dump. The car fitted the descrition and there was a man inside. They reported back to the law enforcers. The kidnapped girl was found in the car and Tiunov was detained. After the man was apprehended the Investigative Committee was able to match his DNA with the DNA of a man who committed crimes against children in Perm Territory in 2011. Thanks to professional actions of the investigators the man confessed that he had killed a 7-year-old child on 11 October 2013 in Perm Territory.

The Investigative Committee seeks to protect interests and legal rights of children. Unity and attention of our citizens once more shows that they support and assist law enforcement authorities. It was thanks to proper civic attitude o residents of Orenburg Region, volunteers and journalists the investigators were able to not only hold the suspect, solve a number of other crimes, but possibly to avoid other victims.

Mr. Komissarov together with head of education department of the Investigative Committee, Hero of the Russian Federation Sergei Petrov has held a meeting with governor of Orenburg Region Yuri Berg and together with employees of the regional investigative authority, cadets of the Neplyuyev Cadet School of Orenburg and administration of the region they have laid flowers to Eternal Flame memorial in Salyut, Pobeda! park in Orenburg. On the same day they visited President Cadet School of Orenburg and Podrostok center of out-of-school activities.