Investigative Committee Chairman paying working visit to St. Petersburg

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has arrived with a working visit today in Saint Petersburg.

He delivered a lecture on the history of the Russia’s single investigative agency to the students and professors of the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee.

Mr. Bastrykin paid special attention to the general structure of the investigator’s personality from the point of view of its fitness to the job: an investigator has to not only know the law and legal acts and observe them strictly, but meet the requirements of ethics and etiquette, be a model of morality and be a stress-resistant person. The Chairman believes without those traits a person cannot make an investigator.

In conclusion of the lecture he wished the present to actualize themselves and be needed in the profession they chose.

Mr. Bastrykin also held a briefing at the Academy with senior officials of the Academy’s branches to discuss pressing issues. The meeting was attended by employees of the Investigative Committee’s Central Office and senior officials of the Academy’s branches. They discussed organizational issues regarding fulfillment of the schedule on creation of Saint Petersburg Cadet School of the Investigative Committee approved by the decision of Dmitry Medvedev, the Chairman of the RF Government, and development of materiel on the Academy’s campus.

The Chairman made some suggestions and recommendations and set tasks for further development of the Investigative Committee’s educational institutions.