Investigative Committee Chairman congratulates Vanya Voronov on his birthday

Today is the birthday of Vanya Voronov, a boy from Donetsk region, who has been severely wounded during an armed conflict in southeastern Ukraine.

War is always a tragedy. It divided many people’s lives into before and after and separated families forever.

Vanya’s story touched the whole world. He had dozens of operations and spent months in hospitals and now he can walk again, play… and keep on hoping that someday people’s sense will prevail over greed, political ambitions and inhuman ruthlessness.

His story is an example of real courage and fortitude, bravery and endurance, patience and cheerfulness. No matter what Vanya does not give up. He has not lost faith in people and is sure that everything is going to be fine.

Thanks to outstanding doctors of the Academician Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Clinic Vanya is gradually getting back his eyesight! Something has happened that a lot of specialists all over the world did not believe would happen… a true miracle!

Dear Vanya!

We sincerely wish you sound health, good mood, happiness, faithful friends and nice surprises! May you wishes come true and we will do our best to help you with that!


Chairman of the RF Investigative Committee

General of Justice of the Russian Federation A.I. Bastrykin