In Moscow Region local resident detained on suspicion of killing child

On 12 March 2017, the Dmitrov District police department got a message that a child had gone missing in 2015. The Moscow Region Directorate of the Investigative Committee opened an investigation in the murder of a child under Part 2, item “c” of Article 105 of the RF Penal Code.

Thanks to well-planned investigative and search operations the 5-year-old child’s dead body was found in a hole dug in the ground in a gardening settlement in Dmitrov District.

Investigators have found out that the child’s 31-year-old mother was involved in the crime. The suspect confessed during an interrogation and said that she had killed her son in September 2015.

According to investigators, the suspect beat the boy to the death and then wrapped the body in a sheet and buried.

At present a number of investigative operations are ongoing to find out all the circumstances surrounding the crime and to get some additional evidence against the suspect. The investigators are going to ask courts to place the woman in custody pending trial. The investigation is ongoing.