In Samara, check underway in media reports about plane incident involving volleyball player

Following media reports the Volga Area Transport Office of the Investigative Committee is checking an incident where 20-year-old volleyball player Alexander Kimerov of Fakel, Novy Urengoi was forced to get off a plane en route from Samara, where his team had just played a match, to Moscow.

According to preliminary data, on 12 March 2017, police officers removed the passenger volleyball player from flight 422 at the airport in Samara. The police officers were called in by the captain complaining that the passenger had offended the crew. The incident delayed the flight by 40 minutes, while the athlete had to go to Moscow by next flight.

Check is underway to find out all the circumstances surrounding the incident. The actions of the airline staff and the police officers will get a legal assessment followed by a procedural decision.