Red Army soldiers reburied in Oryol Region

A delegation of students of the Investigative Committee’s Academy, cadets, veterans of investigation and employees of the Oryol Region investigative authority headed by the Hero of the Russian Federation and head of the Education Office of the Investigative Committee General of Justice Sergei Petrov took part today in the reburial of remains of 165 Red Army soldiers dug by different search organizations and clubs.

The rally and the ceremony took place at Krivtsovsky memorial sight Bolkhov District, Oryol Region. The place was named The Valley of Death because between autumn 1941 and summer 1943 it witnessed incessant bloody battles. Hundreds of thousands were killed or reported missing in action. This was the location of the Bolkhov offensive which held the defense line and did not let German troops near Moscow.

The day before the reburial, Mr. Petrov visited the digging camp and supervised the work of the Academy’s digging team.

During the digging he gave recommendations which allowed recovering the remains of five soldiers.

The joint digging team of the Investigative Committee has visited Oryol Region for the first time and has taken part in the interregional campaign The Memory Watch. The Investigative Committee is going to continue setting up digging teams and ensuring that they participate in such campaigns.