Moscow Region investigators checking media reports on possible violation of veterans’ rights

The Moscow Region Office of the Investigative Committee is checking media reports on wrongdoings committed against 92-year-old veterans.

On 16 May 2017, a federal TV channel showed a coverage about veteran of the Great Patriotic War Vladimir Ruchkin and his wife, a home front veteran with disabilities, who lived in a settlement of Lunevskoye, Solnechnogorsk District in a ramshackle house not fit for living. The coverage went on to say that the Ruchkins had asked the settlement administration several times to resettle them but were refused. Social workers refuse coming to Missis Ruchkina saying that it is “unprofitable”.

Investigators are going to give all-round legal assessment to the omission of officials of the settlement administration, Solnechnogorsk District and other authorized bodies. A procedural decision will be made following the check.