Ex chief of Komi prison authority gets long prison time

A court has recognized the evidence collected by the Komi Republic Office of the Investigative Committee as sufficient to convict former head of the Komi Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service Alexander Protopopov found guilty of bribery on a large scale under Part 5, item “c” of Article 290 of the RF Penal Code.

The court and investigators have revealed that from August to December 2014, Protopopov violated the law on protection of competition when helped Estet, a limited liability company to sign a contract with a prison for supply of vegetables for which he received from Romal Dzhabbarla, a representative of the company, 625 thousand rubles in cash. The contract was worth at least 10.5 million rubles so Estet got some 1.6 million rubles of profit.

The court has sentenced Protopopov to 7 years in a maximum-security correctional facility and a fine of 1.8 million rubles and banned him from occupying certain positions for 5 years.