Alexander Bastrykin meets representatives of NGOs and Investigative Committee’s advisory bodies

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee has met today representatives of NGOs and Investigative Committee’s advisory bodies.

The meeting was attended by heads and employees of the Investigative Committee, president of the All-Russian NGO Outstanding Military and Naval Commanders of the Fatherland Alexander Sukharev, vice-president of that NGO 1st class State Advisor of Justice Sergei Gerasimov, chairman of the Union of Russian Writers Valery Ganichev, president of the Military Science Academy Makhmud Gareyev, members of the Geroes Council Mikhail Korniyenko, Magomed Gimbatov, Yuri Lonchakov, chairman of the National Association of investigation veterans’ organization Union of Investigation Veterans’ Presidium Vladimir Dontsov, excellent students of the Investigative Committee’s Academy and cadets of the Alexander Nevsky Cadet School and other invited persons.

Alexander Bastryking welcomed the participants of the meeting and noted that “history is our past, but the past is not only something that has gone and will never come back. It’s the foundation on which we build our present and of course our future”. He added that “revere the memory of our dead fellows. We name streets and schools after them, open memorial plates, publish books and give Lessons of Courage. Together with their families we have collected a lot of materials and published the book The Pages of Memory to pay respects to the feat of the Investigative Committee’s heroes killed in the line of duty. The book found its place in the libraries and museums of Investigative Committee’s divisions and educational facilities. Our fellows are always with us in our memory and in our actions”.

Speaking about patriotic, cultural and moral education, Mr. Bastrykin pointed out that the Investigative Committee has a cadet school in Moscow and another one in Saint Petersburg is going to accept boys and girls on 1 September. Two academies of the Investigative Committee also in Moscow and Saint Petersburg train specialists, so in the foreseeable future the Investigative Committee will be able to meet its needs of staff by employing specialists trained at its educational institutions. The Chairman added that “we have signed cooperation agreements with the Union of Russian Writers, Military Science Academy, Maly Theater, Yevgeny Vakhtangov Theater, Mariinsky Theater in Saint Petersburg, other non-governmental and cultural organizations. This helped us to have wider potential for raising and developing the younger generation”.

The participants discussed results of the joint activities and further form of cooperation. Valery Ganichev, Alexander Sukharev, Makhmud Gareyev, member of the Union of Russian Writers Mikhail Nozhkin, Vladimir Dontsov, a student of the Academy and other guests of honor spoke at the meeting.

Many suggestions were made regarding improving patriotic education and opening the point and importance of the work done by investigators for the society. Namely, the participants offered to create a single all-Russian veterans’ organizations the activity of which would be regulated on the federal level. They also noted that Russia, which has more than 40 million veterans, yet has no official Veteran Day to celebrate their service and feat for the benefit of our country.

The participants also advocated the necessity to create the movement Young Investigator to promote development of moral and professional qualities in future specialists.

Representatives of the Union of Writers noted talented results of the work of some investigators and veterans as authors of books and offered to organize meetings of representatives of the Union of Writers and investigators and make those meetings traditional. Thanks to such books and efforts of veterans, young investigators get the spirit and traditions of investigative activity.

The writers also suggested instituting the award of the Investigative Committee for literature, plays and motion pictures about investigative work.

To conclude the meeting Mr. Bastrykin thanked all the present for their help in educating the younger generation and assured representatives of veteran and patriotic organizations and the Union of Writers that the Investigative Committee was ready to support them.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee                                                                         S.L. Petrenko