Employees of Investigative Committee visit sponsored Murmansk Infant Home

By good tradition, on the International Children’s Day, employees of the Investigative Committee’s Central Office visited the Infant Home in the town of Murom, Vladimir Region which has been sponsored for 8 years. Little inmates always look forward to and welcome warmly their guests from the Investigative Committee and those feelings are mutual as they have long ago become dear to those guests.

The Investigative Committee protects rights of minors guided not only by strict laws, but their moral principles as well according to which helping children, especially those left without parents, is an integral part of the agency’s efforts in protecting children. This is the position taken by Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin who regularly visits the Murom Infant Home and it is shared by employees of many regional offices who support similar facilities across the country.

Employees of the Committee’s Central Office visit the children in Murom several times a year as far as possible and when the facility needs assistance. They come not only to talk with the inmates and the administration giving them moral and material support, but to help them by deeds: holding a matinee or a cleaning day, improving the surrounding area, taking the children to walk or any other help.

Today the children were visited by representatives of different departments of the Central Office who made a true celebration for them: they organized a performance and gave them sweets and treats.

The administration of the facility thanked the Investigative Committee for regular support and told the employees about some current problems and needs, which they would try to meet before their next visit.

The investigative Committee is equally grateful to the facility’s administration who do not divide the children on theirs and others, who give their care and warmth to each of the inmates; and to the children who not knowing it help us greatly by inspiring us to do good deeds.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee                                                                    S.L. Petrenko