Alexander Bastrykin holds briefing at St. Petersburg Academy of Investigative Committee

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has held today a briefing at the Saint Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee.

Along with Academy’s administration, the meeting was attended by acting head of the Logistics Directorate and Colonel of Justice Rif Gaifutdinov, head of the Education Office Mayor General of Justice Sergei Petrov, acting director of the Saint Petersburg Cadet School of the Investigative Committee Colonel of Justice Dmitry Kizilov.

The issues on the agenda were execution of instructions given by the Chairman of the Investigative Committee and of priority tasks set to the Saint Petersburg Academy. The Chairman signed Saint Petersburg Academy and Cadet School Campuses Development Concept 2017-2019.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee                                                                             S.L. Petrenko