In Volgograd, four detained on suspicion of abducting businessman, demanding 20 million rubles in ransom

The Volgograd Region Office of the Investigative Committee is investigating a case against two Azerbaijan nationals and residents of Tyumen Region and Dagestan. All four men are charged with abduction by a group of people in collision, using violence and weapons under Part 2, items “a”, “c”, “d” and “h” of Article 126 and extortion on a very large scale under Part 3, item “b” of Article 163 of the RF Criminal Code.

According to investigators, in spring 2017, the perpetrators arrived in the city of Volgograd to abduct a local businessman to get a multi-million ransom for him. The motive was a domestic conflict the businessman had had with one of the accused back in 2014.

On the early morning of 25 May 2017, the accomplices arrived to the businessman’s house in Dzerzhinsky District of Volgograd, waited until he left the house and attacked him. Threatening him with weapons they made him get into their car. They then took him to a flat in the town of Volzhsky and kept him there for several days demanding from his relatives and friends a ransom of 20 million rubles.

On 27 May 2017, police agents of the regional Directorate of the Interior Ministry freed the man and apprehended the kidnappers. One of them tried to escape and jumped out a window on the fifth floor. He is now being treated in hospital under guard.

Charges have been pressed against all the kidnappers. A court has ruled to place all of them in custody. The Investigation is ongoing.