Progress of investigation in Kratovo shooting

The Moscow Region Directorate of the Investigative Committee continue the investigation in shooting and attack on residents of the settlement of Kratovo, Ramenskoye District, Moscow Region by Igor Zenkov.

Investigators keep on examining Zenkov’s home. In his shed they have found an arsenal and ammunition. Under the debris of the house they have found: a Mosin rifle, a Walter gun, a sawn-off hunting rifle, a Shpagin submachine gun PPSh, a Peabody Martini rifle, an Arisaka rifle, grenades RDG33, M39 and M24, two 50mm mortar shells, an 82mm smoke mine, two rifled barrels, fuses, cartridges, two 150mm artillery cartridge cases.

Because of the weather the examination of the fire site has been suspended. So far there has been no sign of the shooter’s mother.

The neighbors say that they had no conflict with Zenkov. In addition, the investigators have found out that Zenkov had not complained to either police or local government.

The investigators are looking into the motives of the crime, they have found Zenkov’s two suicide notes the contents of which are not being disclosed in the interest of the investigation. Postmortem psychiatric examination is going to be run to find true motives of the crime. Along with other items, experts will get those two notes. Their conclusions together with other evidence will help top find the true reason for the crime. The investigators keep on questioning witnesses to restore the picture of the crime.

Official spokesperson for the RF Investigative Committee                                                                       S.L. Petrenko