Alexander Bastrykin congratulates medical workers on professional holiday

Alexander Bastrykin, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee has congratulated Russian doctors on the Medical Worker Day.

He noted that “It is no exaggeration to say that profession of medical worker is the most humane and one of the most important jobs. Each of us has applied for help to a doctor at least once. Daily work of doctors and nurses who give back the hope for healthy future of the nation deserves the highest recognition and respect.

The Investigative Committee is tightly linked to medical workers. Investigators have to regularly work with forensic medical experts during investigations. Medical experts conducting different kinds of expert examinations work in the Investigative Committee. All of them bear tremendous responsibility for fates of people and do their duty with honor.

Russian medical workers have treated a lot of children wounded in the armed conflict in southeaster Ukraine. Sincere words of thanks go to Doctor Leonid Roshal and the team of the Research Institute for Children’s Surgery and Traumatology he heads. They make great efforts to treat children displaying high level of professionalism. We all mourn for Doctor Yelizaveta Glinka, Doctor Liza, whom we lost ahead of time. Doctor Liza is most impressive example of a person who dedicated her life to helping seriously-ill people and who has proven there is nothing impossible.”

Mr. Bastrykin expressed gratitude to medical workers for their sympathy and tenacity and wished them sound health, patience, success and good lick in their difficult work.