Alexander Bastrykin congratulates Yuri Solomin on birthday

Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of the Investigative Committee has congratulated art director of the State Academic Maly Theater of Russia, People’s Artist of the USSR, Honorary Member of the Investigative Committee’s Civic Council Yuri Solomin on his birthday.

Noting Mr. Solomin’s as an actor and production director Mr. Bastrykin stressed that he “embodied a lot of impressive, unforgettable images, implemented interesting ideas and projects. Many years he has been making people enjoy beautiful profound performances, which teach us eternal values, kindness and love. Images created by this talented actor have been widely recognized, won prestigious awards and sincere love of spectators. Each of his role, each character he made with shrewd understanding of human sole. With highest level of professional skill, special view of a true artist, Mr. Solomin can inspire and lead people.”

Mr. Bastrykin specially noted that “Mr. Solomin still implements new projects cherishing great traditions of Maly Theater and its achievements.”

The Chairman sincerely wished Mr. Solomin sound health, happiness and imspiration, support from his loved ones and success of all his projects and plans!