Training seminar held in Irkutsk for staff of Siberian Federal District’s forensic divisions

A training seminar for Siberian Federal District’s forensic divisions is held at the Irkutsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee on 15 and 16 June.

The seminar was opened today by acting head of the Investigative Committee’s Forensic Directorate Zigmud Lozhis. He outlined main tasks of modern-time forensic science, the first and foremost of which is quick and efficient investigation of crimes. Mr. Lozhis pointed out that in general, Investigative Committee’s criminalists reached goals in key forensic areas. In close cooperation with directorates of the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service, the Investigative Committee has increased the percentage of major crimes solved. “91% of murders committed in the Russian Federation were solved last year. We haven’t had such a result since the Soviet Union era,” said Mr. Lozhis.

Deputy director of the Healthcare Ministry’s Russian Center for Forensic Medical Expert Examination Leonid Shmarov made a report on Errors Made in Forensic Medical Examinations in Medical Malpractice Investigations.

Yelena Morgunova, head of information analysis at Organization, Analysis and Documentation Office of the Investigative Committee’s Forensic Directorate voiced some problem aspects of forensic examinations during investigations in medical malpractice.

Other speakers included: Irkutsk Region deputy minister of healthcare Y.S. Golenetskaya, head of Irkutsk Region branch of Roszdravnadzor (the federal healthcare inspectorate) N.P. Ledyayeva, deputy chief doctor of Ivano-Matryoninskaya Children’s Clinical Hospital T.Y. Belkova, chief doctor of Irkutsk City Clinical Hospital No 3 A.I. Kuznetsov. Each of them pointed out that there is smooth cooperation with investigative authorities and it is giving some positive results. Suggestions were also made on optimizing cooperation beyond the agency.

Participants of the seminar actively put questions to representatives of both the Investigative Committee and Irkutsk Region healthcare agencies.

The seminar was continued by senior prosecutor for overseeing major cases investigations of the Irkutsk Region Prosecutor’s Office S.E. Belov, deputy head of Irkutsk Forensic Medical Expert Examination Bureau A.L. Zadornovsky. B.V. Pribylov, senior inspector of the second forensic department of the Investigative Committee’s Forensic Directorate also spoke at the seminar and answered questions about practical preparation for and examination of an explosion scene, including that using modern forensic equipment. D.A. Fateyev, head of forensic department of the Investigative Committee’s Dagestan Office shared his experience in examining an explosion scene after an attempt on law-enforcers.

A.Y. Yuzhikov, senior expert of the Forensic Center of the Irkutsk Region Police Department said about classification and types of explosives and explosive devices, as well as methods and tactics of ordering and running forensic examinations.

The final day of the seminar will see a practical class for the participants with special forces of law-enforcement authorities showing how they release hostages and liquidate terrorists. Forensic, specialized and expert equipment of the Irkutsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee is planned to be demonstrated.