Alexander Bastrykin congratulates Civil Council under Investigative Committee Alexander Sukharev on 94th birthday

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has congratulated member of the Civil Council under the Investigative Committee Alexander Sukharev on his birthday.

Noting Mr. Sukharev’s high achievements and services, Mr. Bastrykin directed him warmest wishes: “A true patriot and officer, you endured hardships during the Great Patriotic War and worked hard serving at high state positions. Extensive knowledge and professionalism, inexhaustible energy and diligence, erudition and sincere attention to people won you well-deserved authority and respect. Dedicated to the spirit and letter of the law person and talented scientist, you devoted yourself to fighting crime and protecting violated rights of citizens, made a considerable contribution in lawmaking, development of law science and legal culture of the society.”

Mr. Bastrykin sincerely thanked Mr. Sukharev for active participation in the work of the Investigative Committee, for sharing his experience with the staff and takes part in important projects.

Mr. Bastrykin wished Mr. Sukharev sound health, happiness, wellbeing and success in the work for the benefit of the country and peace to his family!