Alexander Bastrykin orders Central Office to supervise check in violation of housing rights in Bryansk Region

A federal TV channel has discussed today an incident with elderly women from Bryansk Region: a 79-year-old woman, an honored labor veteran, and a 76-year-old woman who have been living in housing unfit for living for a long time – in a not-heated dilapidated former horse stables. The local administration, and namely the head of the settlement, whom the 79-year-old woman asked to resettle her, offered the woman to move into “new housing” – ruined building of a rural school. The Bryansk Region Office of the Investigative Committee started a check into the incident.

Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin ordered the Central Office to supervise the check. Investigators are going to carefully study the arguments voiced by media that district officials did nothing to change the situation.


Spokesperson for the Investigative Committee                                                                                                 S. Petrenko