Alexander Bastrykin personally congratulates Investigative Committee’s Forensics Directorate on professional holiday

Respected Russian lawyer and jurist A.F. Koni saw far ahead of him when he said that “if courts prosecuted only murderers found holding a knife over the victim, most of the guilty ones would have gotten away with it.” Today, experienced criminalists of the Investigative Committee armed with best equipment erase borders in time. They are always one step ahead of those trying to cover their tracks or leave no evidence on a crime scene.

Chairman of the Investigative Committee have personally congratulated the Investigative Committee’s Forensics Directorate on the 63rd anniversary of the forensics service. Mr. Bastrykin said that it was very hard to imagine investigation of major crimes without forensic specialists. At the same time, it is important to understand that in the age of high technologies, efficient operation of forensic specialists depends not only equipment, but on the people, their attitude to their duty. The Chairman thanked criminalists who do their job with honor and on high professional level, for considerable contribution they make in fighting crime and assistance in solving crimes committed years ago. He wished them further success in their job for the benefit of the society and the country.

Some of the employees were honored with medals “For Distinction” and “For Hard Work”, a letter of commendation and appreciation of the Chairman.