01 August 2012

200 cases over corruption

Head of Western Military District Military Investigations Directorate of Russia’s Investigative Committee (SK) Lieutenant General of Justice Oleg MOROZOV answers questions of Krasnaya Zvezda.

- Mr Morozov, in February in our newspaper you told to readers about activity of Western Military District Military Investigations Directorate of SK and subordinate military investigating bodies in 2011. What were the changes in crime dynamics for the first half of 2012?

27 July 2012

Alexander Bastrykin: If they find that I earned even 1 euro in profit, I will resign

The Head of Investigative Committee (SKR) told Izvestia all the details of the recent “Czech story”: Why he needs an apartment in the Czech Republic and why he doesn’t need a residence permit in a European country

18 July 2012


Investigative Committee will involve volunteers to search for missing children

Vasili Ivanovich Piskarev, First Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee (SKR), Colonel General of Justice told about one important initiative, which Investigative Committee is going to implement in the near future. Investigators searching for missing children will be bound to closely cooperate with voluntary organizations.
13 July 2012

Simultaneously with searches for An-2 which disappeared a month ago in Serov, inquiry is ongoing into this emergency situation. The criminal case is investigated by Urals Transport Investigations Directorate of Russia’s Investigative Committee. RG Correspondent has met with the Head of the Directorate Dmitry Putintsev.

21 June 2012
In the opinion of Head of Dagestan Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee ALEKSEY SAVRULIN the adaptation committee should consider the applications from only those ex-fighters against whom the investigation has been completed and who have fully admitted their guilt. He told about that to the Kommersant correspondent in Makhachkala YULIA RYBINA.
14 June 2012
Head of the Investigative Committee explained the scandalous situation with the journalist of Novaya Gazeta to the editor-in-chief of Izvestiya Alexander Patapov  
07 June 2012

Prisoners of video camera

Head of the Investigation Committee Alexander Bastrykin comments on investigation into 6 May mass riots

Yesterday the Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin was the guest of our editorial office. Telling about investigation of the most celebrated cases, he also answered those embarrassing questions about his agency, widely discussed in Internet and media.

03 May 2012


Head of Investigative Department of the RF Investigative Committee for Stavropol Territory Sergey Dubrovin won regional juridical prize “Lawyer of the year - 2011” in the nomination “Human Rights and Law-Enforcement Activity”. Mr Dubrovin has given an interview to our paper telling how one of the key law enforcement agencies works and defends interests of citizens and the state.

16 September 2010
Interview head of investigatory management of Investigatory committee at the Perm region of Marina Zabbarova Rossiyskaya Gazeta - a week "
25 June 2007
Last Friday, the newly appointed head of the Investigative Committee at the RF Prosecutor General Alexander Bastrykin responded to questions of special correspondent of "Izvestia" Vladimir crosshairs.
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