The investigative committee of the Russian Federation

Investigation of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation is a law enforcement authority conducting preliminary investigation into a wide range of crimes.

Money laundering investigations are a matter of priority for the IC developing a proactive parallel financial investigation of all predicate crimes under the investigative jurisdiction of the IC.

In compliance with the national ML and TF risk assessment, the IC investigates the most serious and complex crimes in such high-risk areas as terrorist financing, corruption, financial sector and the area of budget spending and taxes.

The IC is mandated to receive any information and documents from all state agencies, including but not limited to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Security Service, the Federal Tax Service, the Federal Customs Service, the Accounts Chamber, the Financial Intelligence Unit (Rosfinmonitoring) as well as from the Central Bank and the private sector.

31 July 2019
Another accomplice of Alexey Kuznetsov, extradited from France, sentenced

30 July 2019
In Altai Territory, three entrepreneurs found guilty of large-scale swindling and legalization through management of hazardous wastes

15 July 2019
Probe into Alexey Kuznetsov completed

17 July 2019
Sentence imposed over man found guilty of financing terrorism

09 July 2019
In Tula Region, persons found guilty of land plot swindling, sentenced

08 July 2019
In Chelyabinsk Region, probe finished into 14 local citizens accused of oil theft

21 June 2019
In Moscow Region, entrepreneurs accused of embezzlement of citizens’ money under the pretext of investment in shared construction of apartment buildings to stand trial

19 June 2019
Persons suspected of assisting terrorism detained

10 June 2019

Vyacheslav Gayzer and his accomplices found guilty of offences involving corruption

16 May 2019
In Moscow, man suspected of financing terrorism detained

14 May 2019
In Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District—Yugra, probe into commercial bribe in oil and gas company and legalization of funds finished

02 April 2019
Former heads of enterprises MiG and Tupolev sentenced

04 April 2019
In Omsk, heads of road construction company suspected of legalization of illegally acquired money

09 April 2019
In the Komi Republic, investigation into former officials of Interregional Distribution Grid Company of North-West PJSC finished

12 April 2019
Investigative actions into Alexey Kuznetsov finished

17 April 2019
In Krasnodar Territory, organizer and participants of criminal community to stand trial for swindling in shared construction and other offences

22 April 2019
In Karelia, participants of criminal community found guilty of committing grave and especially grave offences

24 April 2019
In Nizhny Novgorod Region, member of organized group found guilty of land plot swindling worth over 73 million rubles

12 April 2019
Investigative actions into Alexey Kuznetsov finished

15 March 2019
In the Republic of Dagestan, two men suspected of financing of terrorism

12 March 2019
In Stavropol Territory, woman suspected of assisting terrorism

06 March 2019
In Khabarovsk, Director of Vodokanal to stand trial, accused of large-scale embezzlement, abuse of authority, commercial bribery, and legalization (laundering) of funds

05 March 2019
In Kirov Region, investigators detect new episode of criminal activities of supposed organizer of multi-million theft from Electronic Travel Card LLC

04 March 2019
In Moscow Region, members of organized criminal community to stand trial, accused of 300 million rubles fraud with state real estate property

05 February 2019

In Nizhny Novgorod Region, land plot fraud probe investigation completed

13 February 2019
In Moscow, woman found guilty of financing terrorist activities

20 February 2019
In Astrakhan Region, court elects preventive measure for local citizen suspected of financing terrorism

27 December 2018
Members of organised group committed illegal banking activities and legalisation of money sentenced

20 December 2018
In Penza, probe finished into organising of criminal community engaged in illegal banking for several years

05 December 2018
Founder and Director General of corporate entity accused of embezzlement of funds allocated for medicine development and production to stand trial

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