Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin awards medal “For Rescuing the Dying” to mother of 13-year-old Andrey Kasimov killed by rapist and murderer

On 9 December 2015, Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin took part in a number of events dedicated to 13-year-old Andrey Kasimov, who was killed by a rapist and was awarded the medal “For Rescuing the Dying” posthumously.

During the event Mr. Bastrykin laid flowers to the Eternal Flame memorial in Victory Public Garden in the town of Izhevsk and held a joint meeting of the public and advisory council of the Udmurtia Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee. During the event the Chairman awarded Andrey Kasimov’s mother the medal “For Rescuing the Dying”. IN addition, Mr. Bastrykin suggested setting up a cadet class of the Investigative Committee in Udmurtia and naming it after Andrey Kasimov.

On 27 October 2014, 13-year-old Andrey Kasimov and 11-year-old Alexandra Kasimova were reported missing in the village of Balezino, Udmurtia. Search operation started immediately and on 28 October 2014, the children’s dead bodies with signs of violent death were found in the woods in Balezino.

Former convict Konstantin Russkikh was identified and detained on suspicion of the crime within five days. Investigators had found irrefutable evidence that Russkikh had been involved in the murder, and on 19 May 2015, a court sentenced him to life imprisonment in the special-security penal colony.

The investigators revealed that Andrey Kasimov, had displayed courage when he was caught by the burly man at night and actively fought back till the end. When he saw his sister lying on the ground, he tried to push the man away in order to get to her, to help her, to save her life. He was not strong enough to fight the murderer. He died defending his sister from the rapist.

Andrey’s deed is the deed of a courageous man, the deed of a real Russian citizen who will do everything to protect their family and loved ones. The 13-year-old boy had displayed the highest human qualities which many adult men lack. Young generation should be raised following the example of Andrey.

By the Order of the Russian President No 548 of 3.11.2015 “On awarding state awards of the Russian Federation” Andrey Kasimov is awarded medal “For Rescuing the Dying” (posthumously).

A judo tournament dedicated to the memory of Andrey Kasimov will be held today.

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