Probe launched in Crimea against head of Feodosia administration and his deputy suspected of grand bribery

The investigating bodies of the Main Investigations Directorate for the Republic of Crimea have opened a criminal investigation against head of Feodosia town administration Dmitry Shchepetkov and his deputy Makar Makarov. They are suspected of a crime under part 6 of article 290 of the RF Penal Code (taking a bribe on a very large scale), part 4 of article 291.1 (intermediacy in bribery on a very large scale).

According to investigators, on 6 November 2015, a businessman submitted to the head of Feodosia administration an application for extension of land lease contract on the property of 2 ha in an area. Shchepetkov and Makarov demanded from the businessman to five them a bribe of 300 thousand US dollars to extend the contract. On 21 December 2015, two middlemen acting on the orders from Shchepetkov and Makarov received 150 thousand US dollars to be passed on to the head of administration and his deputy.

At present, Shchepetkov and Makarov are being questioned, arrest is expected. For now it is all available information, and please do not address other sources to check it as the case is being investigated by the Investigative Committee. As far as possible we are going to update the public on the details of the crime and the progress of investigation.  

21 December 2015 16:03

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