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Employees of company that repaired elevator where child died detained in Moscow

The Moscow Main Investigations Directorate of the Russia’s Investigative Committee continues investigation in a crime under part 2 of article 238 of the RF Penal Code (execution of unsafe works).

It was reported earlier, that on 19 December 2015, a married couple with a baby in a pram was entering an elevator in a block of flats in Ostrovityanov street. Then the cable got broken and the elevator went down clutching the pram with the baby between the doors. The baby died of injuries.

Alextrician Aleksey Goncharenko and chief superintendent engineer Alksey Titov, who are employed at MOS OTIS have been held on suspicion of the crime. Not long before the tragedy they had done some maintenance of the elevator equipment.

Soon investigators are going to request a court to place the men in custody pending trial.

23 December 2015 11:26

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