In Sakhalin Region ex-chief of police and his subordinates found guilty of abuse of power

A court has recognized the evidence gathered by the sixth investigations department of the Main Investigations Directorate based in the city of Khabarovsk sufficient to convict former chief of Sakhalin Region Office of the Russian Ministry of the Interior major General Vladislav Belotserkovsky and four of his subordinates. They were found guilty of abuse of power during investigative and search operations (part 1 of article 286 of the RF Penal Code).

The court and investigators have revealed that during an investigation in a felony against a police officer, Belotserkovsky ordered to illegally tap the phones of Investigative Committee investigators who were investigating the case. The phone of an employee of the central office of the Main Office for Internal Security of the Ministry of the Interior who was part of the investigating team was also tapped.

The operational support of the investigation was provided by the Sakhalin Region Office of the Federal Security Service.

The court has sentenced Belotserkovsky and his subordinates to probation. Based on the resolution of the State Duma on amnesty dedicated to the 70 year anniversary of the Victory the court released the accused.

29 December 2015 09:20

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