Alexander Bastrykin assumes control over investigation into death of patient in Belgorod hospital

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee has heard a report made by the Head of the Belgorod Region Investigations Directorate on the progress of investigation into the reckless homicide of a patient by a doctor in city hospital No 2 in Belgorod (article 109 of the RF Penal Code).

It is known for now that on 29 December 2015, a patient had been checked in the hospital and kicked a nurse during one of the procedures. The doctor stood up for the nurse and punched the patient in the face. The man fell. The cause of death of the patient was brain injury caused by a hit by the back of his head on the floor.

Considering the resonance the incident has in the wider public Mr. Bastrykin has taken the investigation under his personal control and ordered that the case should be passed on from the district investigations department to the Belgorod Region Investigations Directorate for further investigation. The Chairman also demanded that he had report on the investigation each 10 days.

The investigators are going to look carefully into all details of the crime and find out true reasons of the conflict. There are no doubts that the investigation will be thorough and impartial.

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