Congratulation of Investigative Committee Chairman on New Year

Dear friends, colleagues, veterans of investigation!

The Russian Investigative Committee has worked successfully through the passing 2015, efficiently fighting crimes, extremism and corruption, intensifying measures to protect children and their rights, improving the laws and working conditions of our employees. In the passing year helped to restore justice in a number of cases when rights of socially unprotected citizens were violated. This has always been and will always be our fundamental position. In future we are going to continue paying close attention to such issues and defending the rights of those who need our support.

On the New Year’s Eve I sincerely thank all employees of the Investigative Committee, Central Office, regional and specialized investigation divisions, for their selflessness and persistence, loyalty to their duty and high level of professionalism. I express my sincere gratitude to trade unions and veteran organizations of the Investigative Committee, who educated and raised young employees. I congratulate cadets and students, who study in the educational facilities of the Investigative Committee, their teachers and professors. The most cordial congratulations go to your families. Their support and understanding is the guarantee of your success. I wish you that you dreams come true, I wish you health and happiness. May your homes always be rich and warm and wishes of your friends and loved ones come true! Happy New Year!

Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Colonel General A.I. Bastrykin