Investigative Committee celebrates 5 year anniversary

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was established on 15 January 2011, at the Order of the Russian President (of 27 September 2010, № 1182) and has been acting as an independent investigative authority for 5 years now.

Since the day it was established, the Investigative Committee has investigated over a million cases. Over that time, the Committee has shown high results in solving most difficult and high-profile crimes, including mass murders, corruption, terrorist attacks, industrial accidents, air crashes, crimes against children and fighting against organized crimes. The Investigative Committee has always gone with the times and is ready to take new challenges that arise against our country. However, the Committee not only successfully fights crimes, but also actively prepares legislative initiatives to improve Russian laws and protect rights and legal interests of the state and its citizens. It also raises decent successors represented by the younger generation of cadets of the Investigative Committee cadet schools and graduates of the Investigative Committee Academy.