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In Sverdlovsk Region, local resident found guilty of killing child and gets life

A court has recognized the evidence gathered by the Sverdlovsk Region investigating bodies of the Russia’s Investigative Committee sufficient to convict 36-year-old former criminal unemployed resident of the village of Verkh-Neyvinsky Maxim Nazimov. He was found guilty of crimes under paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 131 of the RF Penal Code (rape of a minor) and paragraphs “c” and “j” of part 2 of article 105 (rape-related murder of a minor).

According to investigators, in the afternoon of 29 September 2014, drunk Nazimov met an 8-year-old girl she had known in Lenin street in the village of Verkh-Neyvinsky who asked him to walk her to home because she was afraid to walk alone. Sometime later, walking together with the girl near a wasteland, the man attacked the child, raped her and then killed. Then he dragged the body, threw it into a pit and covered with some grass and boards to hide the traces.

Following the order of the Investigative Committee Chairman experienced criminalists of the Central Office joined the investigation and together with investigators of the regional investigations directorate gathered the evidence round the clock to find the suspect of such conspicuous crimes.

Massive manhunt for the suspect was started throughout Sverdlovsk Region by the investigations directorate and regional police department. The investigators and operative services meticulously went through all main versions of the crimes. An identikit was made based on the witnesses’ evidence and other details were found out. The investigators found traces during careful investigation of the crime scene and sent them for tests. In a very short time the investigators questioned over 200 people and DNA samples were taken from almost 300 people to run DNA tests. Modern methods were actively used and about 30 examinations were assigned based on them. Footage from dashcams and CCTV cameras set around the crime scene were analyzed. Among others, the evidence given by a number of important witnesses also helped to get on the tracks of the murderer. It is thanks to meticulous and coherent joint efforts of the investigators of the local investigations directorate and the police crime detection office that the criminal was identified and detained in the village of Verkh-Neyvensky. Under the pressure of the evidence he confessed to the crimes and gave the detailed account of them. A court ruled to place Nizamov in custody pending trial. The accused admitted his guilt and was taken to the crime scene where he described in detail how he had committed those brutal crimes against the small child. The investigators managed to consolidate the evidence that the accused had been involved in the crimes.

The court has given Nizamov a life sentence to be served in a special-security penal colony and 1 million rubles of damages.

It should be noted that the Sverdlovsk Region Investigations Directorate has taken a set of preventive measures to eliminate any reasons or conditions that could contribute to the felonies committed against the small child. The investigators inspected child neglect and children offence prevention authorities and after that they made a request and sent it to the regional ministry of social policy following which the head of the territorial juvenile commission was disciplined for certain oversight in her work. 

29 December 2015 09:15

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