Investigative Committee sets up court of officer honor

The court of officer honor has been established by the order of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee to consolidate moral and ethical traditions and service discipline, to ensure that norms of professional ethics are observed, to prevent and settle conflicts in daily activity.

The new elective consultative body will consist of honored and highly professional senior officials and employees of the Central Office of the Investigative Committee notable for high level of personal discipline, with impeccable reputation, trusted and respected by the team, and veterans of investigative authorities.

The court of officer honor has a number of important tasks including preventing officials and employees of Investigative Committee’s divisions from violating professional ethics and behavior by senior, ensuring that the employees follow the Code of Ethics and behavior of federal state officials of the Investigative Committee, consolidating the prestige of the Investigative Committee, revealing conflicts that might damage legal interests of citizens, organizations, public, or discredit the activity of the Investigative Committee, and assisting in settling those conflicts and some other tasks.

Following consideration of violation by an official of the Investigative Committee of norms of professional ethics, the court of honor can either warn about responsibility or ask the Chairman of the Investigative Committee to hold the official responsible. In addition, decisions of the court of officer honor will be taken into account by the superior of the official of the Investigative Committee under question, when characteristics and certificates are prepared and when the official is listed for personnel reserve for presentation and appointment to a senior position in the central office, investigative authorities or organizations of the Investigative Committee.

According to the order of the Chairman of the Investigative Committee similar courts are planned to be set up in regional and specialized investigative directorates.

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01 February 2016 17:44

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