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In Omsk, investigation finished against seven local residents charged with maternity fund

The Omsk Region authorities of the Investigative Committee have finished an investigation against Yekaterina Yashkina, Kuralai Karamanova, Vera Korovina, Tatyana Kozovenko, Andrei Azyomkin, Olga Shapovalova and Tatyana Ulyanova charged with crimes under Part 4 of Article 159 of the RF Penal Code (fraud committed by an organized group) and Part 3 of Article 159 (fraud committed by a person using their official position and on a large scale).

According to investigators, in 2011-2013, Yashkina being the actual head of OOO Merkury developed a scam how to steal funds from the federal budget: an organized group of accomplices not having any intention to improve housing of those who had received state certificates of maternity (family) fund offered them to conclude with OOO Merkury fictitious contracts of debts for buying housing, but did not give them any money. Later on, based on fictitious sale contracts, the owners of the maternity fund certificates became owners of real estates that cost less than the certificates and the documents with false information were submitted to territorial offices of the Pension Fund of Russia, which transferred to bank accounts of OOO Merkury over 45 million rubles as a compensation, which the accused used for their own needs.

The case was opened based on the check carried out by economic security offices of the Omsk Region Department of the Russian Ministry of the Interior.

The investigators have done a lot of work: filed more than 1 thousand requests with different agencies, checked a lot of documents, ran two handwriting forensic inquiries, a computer one and other inquiries, questioned more than 800 people. There are 240 files in the case.

The investigators have enough evidence, so the criminal case has been sent for the indictment to be approved and after that will be forwarded to court. 

15 February 2016 09:50

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