In Krasnodar Territory, two local residents found guilty of inflicting death by negligence to 7 children killed in fire

A court has recognized the evidence gathered by the Krasnodar Territory Directorate of the Investigative Committee sufficient to convict Svetlana Bastrich, 36 and her cohabiter Valery Denisenko, 5. They were found guilty of a crime under Part 3 of Article 109 of the RF Penal Code (infliction of death by negligence to two or more people).

The court and investigation have revealed that on the evening of 8 October 2015, the couple left house in the village of Kholmskaya, Abinsk District and left seven small children alone in the house. The adults were absent for three hours, during which they together with their neighbors were in a car on the outskirts of the village, where three of them drank alcohol. The 10-year-old son of the accused woman called her and said that it was cold in the house and the children had got frozen. The woman told the boy to light the stove. While the adults were away, there was a fire and the 7 children aged between 1 and 10 were died.

According to the result of a forensic fire inquiry, the source of the fire was the stove located in one of the rooms.

During the probe, the investigators submitted a request to the head of Abinsk District Administration to eliminate reasons and conditions that had contributed to the crime concerning improper work with the family in a difficult life situation.

The court has sentenced Svetlana Bastrich to 2 years in prison postponed until her 14-year-old child has come of age. Valery Denisenko has gotten 2 years 6 months in a penal settlement.