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In Omsk the state inspector of the Siberia office of Rostekhnadzor accused of criminal negligence and removed from office

Investigators believe in 2015 the state inspector was asleep at the switch exercising control over observance of industrial safety requirements in the activity of a construction organization "IPK Zhilstroi" LLC. Although the mentioned construction organization did not conduct expert examination of industrial safety of a dangerous production facility – a tower crane, he did not prevent service of a tower crane without having taken measures for conducting unscheduled inspection and bringing administrative action against the "IPK Zhilstroi" LLC liable for violation of industrial safety requirements and the suspension of the activity of this organization. Investigators believe, inaction of the suspect conditioned the beginning of tower crane service by employees of the construction organization on October 26, 2015 and its falling onto Marshal Zhukov street roadway in Omsk on the same day. It felt on the "Toyota RAV4" and "GAZel Sobol" cars and as a result a 30-year old driver of RAV4, his 33-year old spouse and their 4-month old son died, as well as the 53-year old driver of the GAZel car, the second 4-year old son of parents that died, and the 36-year old crane operator sustained serious traumas. According to preliminary data its technical malfunctions and improper operation caused the falling. In proper performance of Ivanov's job duties one could have avoided the so grave consequences.

In the course of interrogations, having refused an evidence giving, the accused did not admitted his guilt. Taking into consideration a position of the accused and him being able to counteract the investigation being on duties, the investigating agencies have moved a motion to the court in order to remove the accused from the office. Today the investigation motion has been satisfied by the court, a decision to remove Ivanov from the post of state inspector of interregional department for state construction supervision and supervision of the self-regulatory organization and lifting mechanisms of the Siberia office of Rostekhnadzor has been made.

At present investigating actions aimed at establishment of all the circumstances of the crime committed is being undertaken.

In addition, the investigation of a criminal case initiated in a connection with the fall of the tower crane against founder of the "Group of the "ZhilstroiDzhastFitLaif" companies" LLC Victor Polukarov, chief director of this company Constantin Semenov, and head of construction section Sergey Maslenkin to whom the accusation in committing crimes in violation of part 3 of art. 216 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is made (violation of the rules of safety during conducting construction and other works which entailed the death of two and more persons because of carelessness) is continued.

In the course of investigation the measure of restraint in form of a house arrest was chosen with respect to accused Polukarov and Maslenkin, the measure of restraint in form of travel restrictions and proper behaviour was chosen with respect to the accused Semenov, as well as to suspect Yolkin (crane operator). 

At present based on the case a range of expert examination including expert examination of industrial safety based on the results of technical survey of the tower crane, as well as a complex of investigative actions to establish all the circumstances of the committed crime are being conducted. In the course of investigation the investigating agencies intend to establish all the circumstances and causes of the event, give a principled legal assessment to actions of all individuals involved into the crime. The investigation of criminal cases is being continued.

24 December 2015 09:16

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