Rumors of releasing property “a bit” exaggerated …

The information published in mass media that “military investigators have returned all the arrested property to Yevgenia Vasilyeva” is not true. In fact, only 36 flats were released from the arrest and only because according to experts they are of neither commercial nor artistic value.

To refresh the memory I would like to remind the list of arrested items: 1,206 pieces of jewelry worth almost 120 million rubles, 37 wristwatches worth over 7 million rubles, over 3 million rubles in cash, 26 million rubles on Vasilyeva’s bank card; 322 million rubles on bank accounts of firms controlled by Vasilyeva, two flats in Saint Petersburg 107 and 170 square meters in area; a house in Leningrad Region 183 square meters in area, her famous flat in Molochny Lane in Moscow 192 square meters in area, a garage in this block of flats 16.5 square meters in area and a non-residential premises in Arbat Street 642 square meters in area.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                  V.I. Markin