Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin assumes control over investigation in attack of debt collectors on family in Novosibirsk

The Novosibirsk Region Office of the Investigative Committee continues investigating a case over two articles of the RF Penal Code after another outrageous attack of debt collectors this time in the town of Iskitim, who not simply attacked and robbed the family, but sexually abused the woman in the presence of her family (Article 162, Part 1 of Article 132 of the RF Penal Code). The investigators believe that on the evening of 30 March 2016, four unidentified people attacked a family living in the town of Iskitim, Novosibirsk Region, and one of the attackers sexually abused the woman. The cases over robbery and sexual abuse have been joined to form a single criminal proceeding.

The investigators of the regional office of the Investigative Committee are considering different versions of the motive of the incident, but it is apparent at this point that the priority one is that it is due to a past-due payment of a loan. The victim borrowed 5,250 rubles in 2015 from a payday lender in Novosibirsk. The victims say that this is this insignificant debt that caused the attack. But the attackers demanded from them an absolutely different sum of about 240,000 rubles allegedly formed by penalty fee. The investigators have managed to find out that the woman’s actual debt was 80,000 rubles, so they have yet to see where the demanded money was intended to go, as the interest might well enough go to the pockets of the attackers.

The Chairman of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin has assumed personal control over the inquiry and ordered the investigators to see into all the details of the crime very carefully, to identify the suspects, attackers and other involved in the shortest possible time, and to check if they are linked to the payday lender. Independent of whether they were hired officially, which is a rare case, the investigators will check actions of the said people and possible cooperation of the financial organization with such “professionals”. The investigation is ongoing.

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05 April 2016 20:30

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