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In Moscow Region, members of Orekhovskaya gang charged with killing lawyer Tatyana Akimtseva and her chauffeur

The Moscow Region Office of the Investigative Committee has charged members of Orekhovskaya gang Sergei Frolov and Igor Sosnovsky with killing lawyer Tatyana Akimtseva (Part 2, items “a” and “g” of Article 105 and Part 2 of Article 222 of the RF Penal Code).

According to investigators, about 8:30 PM on 12 September 2014, Frolov shot at least 4 times at Akimtseva and at least 2 times at her chauffeur near a block of flats in Gashek Street in Moscow. Both of them died on the scene. After the crime Frolov took off in a car driven by Sosnovsky who had been waiting for him in the appointed place. The investigators have revealed that the motive of the murder was that Akimtseva had provided legal services to co-owner of Odintsovskoye podvorye market Sergei Zhurba and presented him in court.

Frolov and Sosnovsky have committed dozens of crimes. The most audacious of them are the murder of witnesses and lawyers involved in investigations against Orekhovskaya gang, several attempted murders of the director of Odintsovskoye podvorye market Sergei Zhurba, as well as murders of his chauffeurs, body guards and lawyers. The accused were wanted since 1998.

The members of the gang acted daringly and cynically and killed during daytime. They planned the crimes and did not leave any traces. This is why the crime remained unsolved for so long. Only thanks to meticulous work of the investigators and operatives, did they get on the trail of the killers.

During searches in the premises in Odintsovo District of Moscow Region and in Tver Region, the investigators found and confiscated a stash of firearms: a flame-thrower, an antitank grenade launcher, a Dragunov sniper rifle, 4 Kalashnikov submachine guns, 5 TT guns, a Makarov gun with a silencer, a revolver, a lot of grenades and ammunition.

At present the investigators are checking if Frolov and Sosnovsky were involved in other crimes committed in Moscow Region. They also continue to gather and register the evidence. The investigation is ongoing.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                               V.I. Markin

06 April 2016 09:36

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