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The Head Office of the Investigative Committee is investigating a case over frauds with the ownership of Sologub’s city mansion, an item of cultural heritage (Part 3, item “b” of Article 159 of the RF Penal Code – in the variant current for the moment of the crime). The case was opened in February 2016 based on the application and files provided by the head of the Federal Agency for State Property Management.

According to investigators, unidentified persons on behalf of the International Association of Writers Unions, On 20 December 2002, made a forged decision of the Moscow Commercial Court and submitted it for registration of ownership of Sologub’s city mansion.

Under the current laws such items cannot be owned by public associations, but must be owned by the Russian Federation. This way, the investigators believe that the ownership of the said mansion was obtained by deceit.

Having received the information where the original documents were, the investigators and operatives of the Federal Security Service and the Russian Ministry of the Interior have searched through the complex in Povarskaya Street in the city of Moscow. The documents were confiscated during the search. In addition, all the buildings were examined by the investigators and expert appraisers. It has been revealed, that the association has given 6 out of 7 buildings to lease and sublease to catering and entertainment facilities. There are also facts of illegal rearranging, building on and putting annexes to the items of cultural heritage. The investigators are going to feed this information to the Russian Ministry of Culture. The investigators are also going to initiate that business run by the association should be checked by tax authorities.

It should be noted that the searches were carried out in strict accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code with participation of representatives of the International Association of Writers Unions. No violations were allowed during the searches. The investigators have not and do not prevent the association from its legal activity. I should point out that the investigative operations are carried out when it is necessary and the investigators don’t have to adjust to the schedule of this or that NGO. So this is ridiculous and stupid to accuse the investigators of wrecking an event trying this way to manipulate the public opinion. I should also point out that the International Association of Writers Unions owns other buildings so they were offered to hold their events in them. By the say, the investigators will check if they were obtained in a legal way as well.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                              V.I. Markin 

10 April 2016 16:22

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