Man participating in religious extremist organized group involved in series of grave crimes gets life in jail

A court has recognized the evidence gathered by the North Caucasus Federal District Directorate of the Investigative Committee sufficient to convict Sirazhudin Guchuchaliyev. He was found guilty of crimes under Part 1 of Article 210 of the RF Penal Code (setting up a criminal society), Article 317 (attempt on the life of a law enforcement official), Part 2, items “a”, “f” and “g” of Article 105 (murder of two or more people committed in a generally dangerous way by a group of people in a previous concert or an organized group), Part 2, items “d” of Article 112 (deliberate infliction of medium bodily harm), Parts 3 and 4 of Article 166 (abstraction of a car or other vehicle without intention to steal it, using violence dangerous for health or life, or with a threat to use violence), Article 295 (attempt on the life of a person executing justice or a preliminary investigation), Part 3 of Article 222 (illegal circulation of firearms).

The court and investigators have revealed that in the period between 2011 and 2012 Guchuchaliyev guided by the motive of necessity of armed fight against Russian statehood in the North Caucasus, local authorities and Russian security and enforcement agencies by attacking citizens and organizations, joined religious extremist organized group called Shamilkalinsky Sector, which was a unit of criminal society Vilayat Dagestan.

In late May 2012, after leaders of Shamilkalinsky Sector Eldost Zulfugarov and Gusein Mamayev famous by organization of a series of terrorist attacks in the city of Makhachkala in Dagestan, had been killed, Guchuchaliyev headed the said group becoming a so-called amir, meaning head.

Between 2011 and 2013, Guchuchaliyev being at first a member of Vilayat Dagestan and later the leader of its unit together with other leaders and rank-and-file members.

Namely, on 13 October 2011, Guchuchaliyev participated in an attempt on the life of chief of the Office of the Federal Penitentiary Service for Dagestan Muslim Dakhkhayev and the officials of the said office accompanying him. During the assault Muslim Dakhkhayev and Makhach Makhmudov were wounded.

In addition in 31 March 2012, there was an attempt on the life of the police officers of convoy service of the Dagestani Ministry of the Interior Arien Pirsaidov and Muslim Muslimov, murder of Lyudmila Cherkasova and wounding of Oleg Cherkasov. During the attack Pirsaidov and Cherkasova were killed, Muslimov and Cherkasov wounded.

On 15 January 2013, Guchuchaliyev also took part in an attempt on the life of Judge of Dagestani Supreme Court Magomed Magomedov and two hijacks of cars using violence and threats. The Judge was killed and Sefar Manafov got shot.

In addition, in the abovementioned period of time Guchuchaliyev took part in illegal circulation of firearms and ammunition committed by an organized group, as well as acting as the leader of Shamilkalinsky Sector which was a structural division of Vilayat Dagestan criminal community.

The court has sentenced Guchuchaliyev to life in prison.

The investigation against other wanted members of Vilayat Dagestan is ongoing. 

08 April 2016 19:05

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