The investigation of the criminal case against the former head of the administration of barnaul, accused of committing the official crimes completed in the altai territory

The investigation of a criminal case against the former head of the Barnaul administration Igor Savintsev has been completed by the investigating bodies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Altai Territory. He is accused of committing crimes in violation of Article 286, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abuse of office by the head of local government body) as well as Article 30, part 3 and Article 160, part 4 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (attempt of conversion and theft).

Investigators believe that since 2009 till 2015 Savintcev has prepared by means of workers subordinate to him and then signed municipal legal acts, contracts, rental agreements on five formed municipal land sites for the further construction on them of residential and non-residential facilities of immovable property signed out for Savintcev himself, as well as for his close relatives .

At the same time to supress facts of his participation,  registration of rental has been made through nominal rightholders – legal entities controlled by an accused and his close relatives without compulsory holding of bidding by unlawful use of a preliminary coordination procedure as well. Afterwards construction in two land sites and registration of corresponding title documents were provided by Savintsev. Thus, unconditional grounds for sale of the exclusive right to privatization of city areas at a clearly disproportionate redemption price (tens of times lower than their market value) were created.

Due to initiation of the criminal case, as well as to imposition of a sequestration on land Savintsev did not manage to bring to the end his criminal premeditation aimed at conversion and theft of five land sites with total market value of more than 66 million rubles.

As a result of Savintsev's abuse of office property damage in the amount of more than 23 million rubles was inflicted on the municipality.

 Considerable work has been undertaken on collection and strengthening of evidentiary base by the investigation team of regional Investigative Committee: more than 300 witnesses have been interrogated, a large quantity of searches have been held in the place of residence of the accused and his relatives, around 50 seizing in registering bodies and the committees of the municipality have been carried out, more than 20 laborious forensic examinations have been appointed and analyzed.

It should be noted that three more land sites which were subjects of a criminal encroachment were discovered by the investigation team since the criminal case initiation.

In addition, provisional measures have been assumed by the investigating bodies, which is: land sites and facilities located there with the total amount of more than 110 million rubles, as well as an accused's property of more than 350 thousand rubles have been seized.

By the investigator's motion the court remanded the suspects in home imprisonment.

At present the accused and his counsel for the defense are notified on the completion of inquisition by the investigating bodies. Now they are to review the materials of the criminal case which constitutes more than 30 volumes. After that the criminal case is to be directed for admission of indictment and the subsequent direction to the court for consideration in substance.