In Vladimir Region, leader and members of gangs of black relators jailed for personal and property crimes

A court has recognized the evidence collected by the Vladimir Region Office of the investigative Committee sufficient to convict the leader of an organized criminal group, an Azerbaijani national, 45-year-old Azad Mamedov. The same sentence was passed over 8 members of the organized criminal group Saidmakhmud Abrorov, Gamid Dzhakhangirov, Yelena Yakinova, Irina Kritskaya, Ibragin Mamedov, Elchin Mamedov, Dzhafar Mirzoyev, Maria Razumova. Depending on the role each of them had had, they were found guilty of 20 counts of fraud (Part 4 of Article 159 of the RF Penal Code), 5 murders (Part 2, items “a”, “g”, “h” and “j” of Article 105), forgery of documents, larceny and robbery (Part 3 of Article 327, Part 1, item “c” of Article 158, Part 2, item “d” of Article 161).

The court and investigators have revealed that in 2007, Azad Mamedov had served a prison term for illegal drug dealing in a correctional facility in Orenburg Region and stayed to live in Russia, however, he was not corrected and decided to make money by crimes – to illegally get hold of flats of citizens, which did not exclude murders of the owners or tenants.

Having some organizer’s capabilities he set up a criminal group in 2009 in the city of Vladimir involving his close relatives, acquaintances and some persons without any strong social links.

Between 2009 and 213, the accomplices committed 25 grave and very grave crimes against people and their property.

The leader set up strict discipline and implicit obedience to his orders in the group.

Mamedov and the gangsters find flats inhabited by single people who abused alcohol and to get hold of their IDs and documents on the flats for further illegal transactions with the property.

The gangsters wormed themselves into their confidence, got along well with them, bought them food and alcohol. Then they added some codeine and morphine into their alcohol and took their passports and other documents needed to sell the housing and get the money.

Some of the accomplices made fake passports, sales contracts, deeds of gift which were then signed by the gangsters on behalf of the owner or tenant and were submitted to state registration authorities.

To conceal their crimes the gangsters regularly changed cars, cell phone numbers, residences, they event went to other regions and lived there on fake documents they had made.

After the group had got the ownership of the flat, the leader made a decision to resettle the victim or kill them when there were problems that might end in disclosure of the culprits.

There are over 22 victims, who lived in Vladimir, Sudogda District, Yaroslavl.

The accused had gotten over 40 million rubles divided among the gangsters by the leader.

They committed 5 murders to conceal their crimes.

In May 2013, the dead body of a 60-year-old woman with signs of strangulation was found in a ditch along the motorway Vladimir-Yuryev-Polsky. The woman lived alone in a single-family flat and had become one of the gang’s victims. The gangsters had wanted to sell her flat sooner, but had not found a place to resettle the woman to, so they took her to the suburbs of the city and killed. Two killers were found quickly and gave evidence indicating that there was an organized group committing a series of crimes.

An investigative team together with officials of the crime investigation office and the economic security and anti-corruption office of the Russian Ministry of the Interior conducted a set of most complex operations to study archives of pre-investigative checks carried out into the deaths of people and a number of suspended investigations into housing frauds.

After exhumation, several complex forensic medical inquiries proved that the victims who had been buried as those who had died of natural causes, were smothered or died of psychotropic substances or drugs.

In all, there are 14 people under investigation, who acted in the group, five of them are already serving long prison terms.

Two of the gangsters made a cooperation deal due to well-planned tactics of the investigation and psychological contact.

The Vladimir Region court has sentenced the leader of the criminal group Azad Mamedov and the most active of his accomplices Dzhafar Mirsoyev to life in a special-security correctional facility.

Saidmakhmud Abrorov, Gamid Dzhakhagirov, Yelena Yakimova, Irina Kritskaya, Ibragin Mamedov, Maria Razumov got from 17 to 6 years 6 months of prison. The case against Elchin Mamedov was dropped due to the death of the accused.  

17 May 2016 14:55

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