Investigative Committee Chairman attends international conference

Crime and Punishment; Sin and Atonement, an international academic conference was held on 25 May 2016 in Moscow by the All-Russian State University of Justice together with the church, public and media relations office of the Moscow Patriarchate. Chairman of the Russia’s Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin made the report: The State Ideology, the National Idea – The Russian Constitution.

He reminded that ideology plays a very important role in developing the state and law. Namely, he outlined main points that should guide the national state ideology of Russia: “First, the ideas the ideology is based on should reflect not momentary or opportunistic interests of the state, but strategic and long-term interests. Second, they should make account of both inside and outside conditions the state exists in: historical traditions, the people’s mentality, geopolitical position of the country, economic, demographic, environmental and a number of other factors. Third, they should cover all spheres of social life: sociopolitical, economic and spiritual.”

In conclusion Mr. Bastrykin added that the national idea is needed and needs to be stately and legally guaranteed.

The conference was also attended by the Academy’s chancellor Olga Aleksandrova, representatives of the Russian Ministry of Justice, the RF Supreme and Constitutional Courts, practicing workers of law-enforcement authorities, scientists and professors of leading universities and research institutions of Russia, students of universities and of the Ecclesiastical Academy (seminary) and foreign guests from Belorussia, Armenia, Ukraine, the USA and Germany.    

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