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In Samarra Region, probe into sexual abuse of minor reveals dozens of sex crimes

The Samara Region Office of the Investigative Committee continues the investigation against a 46-year-old unemployed local resident charged with a crime under Part 4, Item “c” of Article 132 of the RF Penal Code (sexual abuse).

As became known earlier, in September 2015, the accused committed a sex crime against an 11-year-old girl he was not acquainted with before. During a search investigators confiscated from his flat some pictures and videos and after studying them came to a conclusion that the man was involved in a number of other similar crimes. They believe that he may be involved in at least 59 sex crimes committed against 13 small and adolescent girls somewhere between 2009 and 2011. All the victims have been identified. The investigators have conducted 7 examinations of crime scenes; run forensic medical and psychological inquiries into the victims and a psychiatric evaluation of the accused. The digital data carriers confiscated during the searches were examined by a specialist.

The man has confessed to the most of the crimes and has been remanded in custody pending trial. He has been charged with all crimes revealed so far, which are 59 counts of crimes under Article 132 of the RF Penal Code (sexual abuse) and Article 242.2 (using a minor to produce pornographic materials and objects).

The police have received orders to conduct some additional operations on the accused to find out if there were other similar crimes and to check if he was involved in the unsolved crimes. At the same time an investigator of the regional office of the Investigative Committee has filed a complaint with the Zhigulyovsk police department on improper discharge of duties by the officials of juvenile offices due to the lack of preventive measures taken. 

22 June 2016 09:00

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