Probe launched against ex-head of Rusgidro Yevgeny Dod and his accomplice

The Major Cases Office of the Investigative Committee has initiated criminal proceedings against former president of RusGidro company Yevgeny Dod and chief accountant – head of corporate registration and reporting department Dmitry Finkel. They are suspected of a crime under Part 4 of Article 159 of the RF Penal Code (fraud).

According to investigators, Dod and Finkel conspired with some unidentified people to steal assets of RusGidro on a very large scale. After the RusGidro financial report was approved, the said individuals made and Dod signed order “On special bonuses to members of the board of OAO RusGidro in 2013” according to which he assigned himself a special bonus for 2013 of 353.21 million rubles, illegally overstating it by at least 73.2 million rubles.

At present both men are in detention, and are expecting fraud charges and a restraint. During more than 30 searches investigators confiscated objects and documents relevant for the investigation. Other investigative operations are underway.

I would like to stress that the circumstances of the crime have nothing to do with the current administration of RusGidro let alone with the company’s activity. It is fraud committed by Yevgeny Dod and his accomplice.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                            V.I. Markin