Members of so-called GTA gang to stand trial for robberies and murders

The Head Office of the Investigative Committee has finished the investigation into criminal activity of the so-called GTA gang. Charges were pressed against 9 members of the gang. Depending on the role of each one they are charged with crimes under Article 209 of the RF Penal Code (banditry), Article 105 (murder), Article 162 (robbery), Article 222 (illegal circulation of firearms), Article 223 (illegal manufacture of firearms).

According to investigators, in March 2012, Ibaydullo Subkhanov (had a fake passport on the name of Usmanov) set up a stable armed group (gang) in Moscow Region to attack the people. He involved in the gang solely Asians. The members of the gang mostly attacked owners of vehicles waiting for them in ambushes near the motorway, where they had put spikes, which they had constantly improved. After the tires had been punched, the vehicle stopped, the accomplices shot the driver and passengers and then searched the vehicle for the loot. The gangsters did not hesitate to take everything, even the victims’ things (dresses, jewels). This way the investigators defined that the obvious motive was robbery.

Mass media called the gang GTA, apparently seeing some resemblance to a famous video game and thinking that the gangsters were imitating its characters. But I can say that the accused have no idea that there is such a game. They had their own game: to fill their pockets even with petty valuables no leaving any survivors. This way, over two and half years they killed 17 people and wounded 2 more in the city of Moscow, Kaluga and Moscow Regions. In rare cases the victims got away with bad beating and threats. There 9 accused for now. Their leader Subkhanov was killed when he fought back while being apprehended.

Although most of the accused at the beginning of the investigation tried to cooperate and give statements, later they changed their minds. Some of them recanted their statements, others started denying that they knew other accomplices claiming that they were never present at crime scenes. We know well such behavior and tricks of the accused, but now they don’t matter anymore, because the investigators have enough evidence against them.

It was revealed that the gang had clear hierarchy. All of its members submitted to the leader unquestionably, they were in good physical shape and thought of secrecy. It can be said that they were discrete, worked as self-employed taxi drivers, at construction sites, as watchmen, in other words made no difference from other working migrants from Middle Asian republics. By the way, a lot of them had families. Their way of life together with well-thought robbery planning system made it very hard to figure out, it took considerable amount of time. None the less, soon all the gangsters are going to stand the trial and under Russian laws they face life for such crimes.

The investigators have enough evidence, so the criminal case with the approved indictment has been referred to court.

Investigation is ongoing against four more gangsters who escaped and are now wanted internationally. Two of the have been detained and are now in custody in Tajikistan. Criminal records will be sent there so that they can be prosecuted there for the crimes committed in Russia. Another of the accomplices is on the federal wanted list.

Head of Media Relations                                                                                                                                V.I. Markin