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In Irkutsk region criminal case launched over negligence of psychoneurological care home officials

Irkutsk Region investigative bodies of the Russia's Investigative Committee have launched a criminal case over improper execution of professional duties by employees of the regional state public institution "Cheremkhov psychoneurological care home" under part 1 of article 293 of the RF Penal Code (negligence).

According to investigators, officials of the care home allowed mass acute intestinal infection of students. Because of negligence, demonstrated by care house employees, since July 24 to August 3 23 students were hospitalized. On August 5 one of ill girls died. The death was a result of toxic shock, caused by bloody flux. Following this incident Irkutsk Region investigative bodies initiated a criminal case over crime under part 2 of article 109 of the RF Penal Code (reckless homicide due to improper discharge of professional duty). At the moment three children stay in intensive therapy unit, another 19 students are in satisfactory condition. 

Investigators of the Russia's Investigative Committee are questioning care home authorities, looking into all circumstances, reasons and conditions, which provided for the incident. Moreover, investigation procedures are taking place in regional public health facility "Cheremkov municipal hospital №1". Investigative bodies will give legal evaluation of actions of hospital authorities, who did not inform law enforcement bodies on mass infection of children.

10 August 2016 10:45

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